Al Sharq Academia’s executive diplomas programs are a set of foundational diplomas completed through distance learning in the fields of social and administrative sciences based on interactive and self-paced courses.

Key benefits

Hybrid educational
Hybrid educational system (self-study and interactive)
Specialized knowledge
Specialized knowledge from experts and actors in three different fields
Accredited executive
Accredited executive diploma by the American Accreditation Association AAA and ASIC

Available Scholarships

The price of this certificate is 299$

Al Sharq Academia offers a range of full and partial scholarships of 75% and 50% , based on the following criteria:

▣ Applicants must be able to commit to the study period, which is 7 months.   

▣ Applicants must have work-related experience relevant to the executive diploma programs offered.

▣ Applicants must have qualifications relevant to the executive diploma programs offered.

Our Executive Diploma Programs

Executive Diploma in Non-profit Organizations (NGOs) Management

Executive Diploma in Think Tank Research and Management

Executive Diploma in Governmental Management

Why Al Sharq Academia’s Executive diploma Programs?

The executive programs are online programs that provide the necessary academic and administrative experience to pursue a successful career.